Condo living on the rise in the Philippines

The Rise of Condominium Living in the Philippines

A Brief History of Condominiums in the Philippines

People in the Philippines have been living in condominiums more and more over the past few years. This started in the 1960s, when the first condominium building, the Philippine Plaza, was built in 1969. Since then, many people have chosen to live in condominiums, especially in places like Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

Factors Driving the Rise of Condominium Living

Several things have made living in condominiums more popular in the Philippines. One reason is that more people are living in cities and there’s not a lot of space. Condominiums offer an attractive place to live in a crowded city. Also, many people like the convenience and nice things that come with living in a condominium, so they choose to live there.

Benefits of Condominium Living

There are many good things about living in a condominium in the Philippines. Some of the best things include:

– Security: Many condominiums have security all day and all night, so people who live there feel safe.
– Amenities: Condominiums usually have nice things like a pool, gym, and places to have fun, so people have what they need without going far.
– Location: Condominiums are often in a good place in the city, so people can easily go to stores, restaurants, and other places.
– Maintenance: People who live in a condominium have to take care of it less than if they had a house.

Challenges and Concerns

Even though there are good sides of living in a condominium, there are also some bad things. Some of the things people worry about are things like who takes care of the place, privacy, and too many people living close together.

Future Outlook

It looks like more people will keep living in condominiums in the Philippines. This is because cities keep getting bigger and more people want to live in a place that’s easy and modern. As long as builders make new things and keep giving people what they want, living in a condominium will stay popular.


Q: How is condominium ownership different from owning a traditional house and lot?

A: When you own a condominium, you own your own place, as well as a piece of the places in the building that all the people who live there share. In another place, you own a big place all by yourself.

Q: Are condominiums a good investment?

A: Yes, they can be a good investment, especially in places where people need homes a lot. Over time, they get more valuable, and you can make money by renting your place out.

Q: What are the monthly fees associated with condominium living?

A: Condominium owners usually pay fees every month to keep everything in the building nice. The fees can change depending on what’s in the building.

Q: Can foreigners own condominium units in the Philippines?

A: Yes, people from other countries can own condominiums in the Philippines. But there can’t be too many people from somewhere else who own the condominiums.

Q: What should I consider before buying a condominium unit?

A: Before you get your own place in a condominium, you should think about things like where it is, what’s there, the rules of the place, and if the people who live there can take care of the place financially.