COVID-19’s Effect on Philippines Real Estate

The Impact of COVID-19 on Philippines Real Estate Market


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the economy of the Philippines. Many businesses had to stop working, and people lost their jobs or got paid less. The real estate market in the Philippines also changed because of COVID-19. This article talks about the effects of COVID-19 on the real estate market in the Philippines.

Changes in Demand

1. Residential Properties

During the pandemic, more people wanted bigger houses and homes in suburban areas with spaces for working from home.

2. Rental Properties

Because of COVID-19, fewer people rented properties because they couldn’t travel or move. This made rental prices go down and left more apartments empty, especially in areas where many foreigners used to live.

3. Commercial Properties

Buildings for businesses like offices, malls, and shops were heavily affected. Because many people started working from home and shopping online, there was less need for office spaces and traditional stores. Some businesses even closed down. This meant there were a lot of empty buildings available for new businesses at lower prices.

Supply and Development

1. Construction Delays

Building activities were delayed because of COVID-19 restrictions. This made it hard to finish building homes and commercial buildings on time. Construction companies had difficulties finding enough workers and materials, and they had to follow health and safety rules.

2. Developers’ Response

Real estate developers had to change how they did things because of COVID-19. They focused more on building homes that people could use for work from home. They also started using technology to show properties online. They made sure new buildings were designed with sustainability and wellness in mind.

3. Government Regulations

The government made new rules to help the real estate sector during COVID-19. They made it easier for people to pay for properties and reduced interest rates. They also gave tax benefits to developers. The government hoped these measures would encourage people to invest in properties and help the economy recover. They even relaxed the rules about foreigners owning properties to attract more investments.

Property Prices

1. Residential Property Prices

Residential property prices stayed mostly the same during COVID-19. The prices of big houses and homes outside cities went up a bit because more people wanted them. But prices of apartments in cities, especially condos, went down because there were too many available and not enough people wanted to rent or buy them.

2. Commercial Property Prices

Commercial property prices went down more than residential prices because of COVID-19. Prices of office spaces and stores went down because businesses closed or had to work online. But prices might get better in the future when new businesses start and use empty buildings.


1. Is it a good time to invest in Philippine real estate during the pandemic?

It can be a good time to invest in Philippine real estate during the pandemic if you are careful. You need to think about what kind of property you want and where it is. You should also think about the future. You can ask real estate professionals for help.

2. How has the rental market been impacted by COVID-19 in the Philippines?

COVID-19 made many people unable to rent properties because they couldn’t travel or were not sure about the economy. This made rental prices go down, and more places were empty. But as the situation improves and more people can travel, the rental market will get better.


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