Navigating Real Estate Laws in the Philippines

Welcome to Buying Real Estate in the Philippines

If you are buying a house or land for renting or living, it can be hard. This is especially true in the Philippines because the rules and laws are not very easy to understand for both local people and people from other countries.

The Rules You Need to Know

Before you can buy a home in the Philippines, it is important to know and understand the rules about buying and owning a place. The important rules that are needed to know are:

  • Republic Act No. 6552 (Maceda Law): This rule protects people who buy things and pay every month. It helps them if the contract is stopped.
  • Presidential Decree No. 957 (Subdivision and Condominium Buyers’ Protective Decree): This rule keeps you safe if you are buying a house or room in a building. It makes sure that the people who are selling the building tell the truth about it.
  • Republic Act No. 4726 (Condominium Act): This rule helps you if you are buying a room in a building and makes it so that things are taken care of right.
  • Foreign Investment Act: This is a rule for people who live in other countries and want to buy a house in the Philippines. There are special rules for people from other countries who want to buy places in the Philippines.

Work with a Real Estate Lawyer

It is important to have a lawyer who knows all about buying houses. A lawyer can help you follow all the rules and make sure that everything is legal.

Things to Know When You Want to Buy a House in the Philippines

When you are buying a house in the Philippines, there are a few important things to remember:

  1. Title Verification: You must check the house’s papers, so you know that it is really owned by the person selling it to you and nothing is wrong with it.
  2. Contract Review: You need to look at the rules on a paper that says everything about buying the house, so you know what is right and what is wrong.
  3. Taxes and Fees: It is important to know about all the taxes that need to be paid when you buy a house in the Philippines. This way, you can know how much money you need to pay the taxes and be sure that you pay everything that you need to pay.
  4. Foreign Ownership Restrictions: If you are not from the Philippines, there are extra rules that you need to know about so you can know if you can buy a house in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can people from other countries buy places in the Philippines?

A: People from other countries are not allowed to buy land in the Philippines, but they can buy houses or rooms in buildings if they follow some special rules. These rules are in the Condominium Act and other rules.

Q: What are the costs to pay to the government when you buy a house in the Philippines?

A: When you buy a house in the Philippines, you need to pay taxes for the change of the house and stamps on the contract and also other fees. You should talk to a lawyer or a person who knows about houses to understand all the money things you need to do.

Q: What do you need to do to make sure that the place you are buying is real and not fake?

A: You will need to get a copy of the paper for the place from the Register of Deeds. A lawyer can help you read the papers and make sure that the place you are buying is good and that nobody already owns it.

Q: Do you need to be in the Philippines to buy a house in the country?

A: You don’t always need to be in the Philippines to buy a house there, but sometimes you do. A person might need to be there if they need to sign some papers and talk to a notary, but a lawyer or someone else can help if the person buying the house is not in the Philippines.


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