Navigating the Real Estate Market in the Philippines: Buyer and Seller Tips

Navigating the Real Estate Market in the Philippines: Tips for Buyers and Sellers


The real estate market in the Philippines has been growing because more people want to buy houses and buildings. If you want to buy or sell real estate, it can be hard because there are lots of things to think about. In this article, we will give you tips for both buying and selling real estate in the Philippines to help you.

Tips for Buyers

1. Determine your budget and financing options

The first thing to do is decide how much money you have and how you will pay for the property. This will help you find properties that you can afford.

2. Research the market and location

Find out how much other properties in the area cost and if the area is growing. Look for places that are close to schools, hospitals, and stores.

3. Work with a reliable real estate agent

A good real estate agent can help you find properties, talk to the person selling the property for you, and help with all the steps to buy the property.

Tips for Sellers

1. Enhance your property’s curb appeal

Make your property look nice so that people who come to see it want to buy it.

2. Price your property competitively

Look at how much similar properties cost and decide on a price that will make people want to buy it.

3. Partner with a reputable real estate agent

Find a real estate agent that you trust and that has helped sell other properties. They can help you show your property to lots of different people.


1. What are the typical closing costs when buying a property in the Philippines?

When you buy a property in the Philippines, you have to pay extra costs which can add up to 5-8% of the price of the property.

2. How long does it take to complete a real estate transaction in the Philippines?

Sometimes it takes a few weeks or months to finish buying or selling a property in the Philippines.

3. Are there any restrictions on foreign ownership of real estate in the Philippines?

People from other countries cannot usually own land in the Philippines, but they can own apartments or condos.


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