REITs in the Philippines: Industry Game Changer

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the Philippines: A Game Changer for the Industry


Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are a new way for people to invest in real estate in the Philippines. REITs allow individuals and companies to invest in real estate without having to buy and manage properties themselves. This has created new opportunities for investors and developers in the country.

Understanding REITs

REITs are companies that own and operate real estate properties. Instead of buying properties themselves, people can invest in REITs and get a share of the profits from the rent collected on those properties. This allows investors to have diverse portfolios and easily buy and sell their shares on the stock market.

The Rise of REITs in the Philippines

The Philippines passed a law in 2009 to allow REITs, but it took some time for them to become popular. In 2019, new rules were made to make it easier for companies to start REITs in the country. Since then, many developers and investors have joined the REIT market in the Philippines.

The Impact of REITs on the Philippine Real Estate Industry

REITs have had a big impact on the real estate industry in the Philippines. Here are some important ways they have made a difference:

1. Increased Liquidity and Capital Inflow

REITs have made it easier for people to invest in real estate and trade their shares. This has brought more stability to the market and attracted more investors.

2. Unlocking Value and Portfolio Diversification

REITs have allowed developers to get more investors and raise money for expansion or paying debts. They have also helped developers reduce risks by diversifying their portfolios.

3. Democratizing Real Estate Investment

REITs have made it possible for small investors to invest in real estate. Before, only rich people or big companies could invest in real estate, but now anyone can buy shares of a REIT and benefit from rental income and property value growth.

4. Professional Management and Governance

REITs have to follow strict rules and have professional managers. This helps make sure that the properties owned by REITs are well-managed and profitable. These good management practices are making the real estate industry better overall.


Q1. How can I invest in a REIT in the Philippines?

To invest in a REIT, you can buy shares through a broker or online trading platform, just like you would invest in any other company.

Q2. What are the tax benefits of investing in REITs?

REITs in the Philippines are exempt from some taxes as long as they distribute most of their income to shareholders. This makes investing in REITs more attractive to investors.

Q3. Can foreign investors invest in Philippine REITs?

Yes, foreign investors are allowed to invest in Philippine REITs, but there are some limits on how much they can own.

Q4. Are REITs a safe investment?

Investing in REITs, like any other investment, carries some risks. The value of REITs can go up and down based on the market and how well the properties are managed. It’s important to do research and think about your own tolerance for risk before investing in REITs.


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