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Solar Energy is the new game changer.

With the rising tides and stronger typhoons, it is now time that we shift in solar. Since we are living in a tropical country, we have a very big opportunity of taking the solar energy into our advantage.

It’s good to know that La Union and some Northern Luzon cities are slowly implementing this game-changing technology, but most of the power demand right now is here in Metro Manila, and we have a very limited area for massive solar farms. Harvesting energy from current solar farms in the North to the Metro will only incur generation loss or inefficiency thus still won’t enough to power the entire city.

But what can we do as a regular citizen in Metro to take advantage this opportunity?

1. Have a solar home that can be power grid-tied.

There are many small business that can help us with this. But what we don’t have is the grid-tie implementation. This system will greatly contribute to lesser greenhouse gas emission by “sharing” the excessive power from our home’s solar panels to the NAPOCOR or nearby substation.

US already have this system in which residents who participates to their program receives electric bill discounts or sometimes, “paybacks” based on the energy that their homes shared to the grid.

Our government should initiate this. With hundreds and thousands of residential homes here in Metro, I’m very certain that the idea significantly reduce our carbon emissions and thus our bill costs. It’ll be a long project, but what we can do now as a citizen is to cut down our carbon footprint by going Solar.


I’m using this platform to speak up. If a third-world country like us does this, India would follow, Africa will follow–and many countries will follow; It only takes a good leader and a budget to get this started. What we need to implement this in a massive scale is a support from the government- a subsidy or loan for families who cannot afford to go full or even partial solar; then have those generated energy as a partial payment for the installed equipment.

This is how I think this idea would work in our country. What we need is a leader who values the environment and who has a concern of the drastic effects of climate change.

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Condo dwellers, there are many experiments going on how they can make solar cells transparent so it’ll be ideal to be installed on your windows and balconies. Building owners can profit/contribute from this as well once the whole grid-tie system was implemented– giving its tenants /occupants a way to pay lesser association dues/rent–making the businesses run cheaper and their production more affordable. This game-changing fact will not only contribute to the global environmental crisis but also to help solve the world hunger. Making everyone happy, even our Mother Earth.

Written and published by: Thim Evangelista

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