Survival of Philippines Real Estate Market Amid Pandemic

How the Philippines Real Estate Market Survived the Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many different parts of the world, including the real estate market. The Philippines, like other countries, faced challenges because of lockdowns and economic uncertainty. But the Philippines real estate market has shown resilience and is starting to recover.

The Initial Impact

When the pandemic first hit the Philippines, the real estate market went down. People couldn’t move or do business, so property transactions stopped, and there was less demand for houses and buildings. Construction projects had to stop, so there were delays in building new properties. Rents also went down because businesses were struggling.

Government Interventions

The government knew that the real estate market was important, so they did some things to help. They made a law called the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, which protected people from being kicked out of their homes if they couldn’t pay rent. They also made a new place called the National Government Administrative Center to attract people to invest in real estate. The government also kept building things, which helped the construction sector and the economy.

Shift to Online Platforms

The real estate market in the Philippines had to change because of the pandemic. People couldn’t go see properties in person, so they started using the internet to look at pictures and take virtual tours. Real estate companies used social media and other websites to show off their properties to more people. This helped them keep selling houses and buildings even when they couldn’t meet in person.

Resilience of Residential Market

While the market for buildings like offices and stores went down, the market for houses stayed pretty stable. People wanted more space and better places to work from home, so they still wanted to buy or rent houses. Developers started making changes to their plans to meet these new needs. They made houses with home offices and other things that people wanted.

Foreign Investments and Property Ownership

People from other countries still wanted to invest in the Philippines’ real estate market. Even though the pandemic was happening, they saw that properties were a good price and could make them money in the future. The government also made it easier for foreigners to buy properties by passing some laws. Technology also made it easier for foreigners to buy properties because they could do it online.

Recovery and Future Outlook

The Philippines real estate market is starting to get better as the pandemic gets under control and more people get vaccinated. The government is still helping by building things and making rules to support the market. Experts think that the market for houses will keep growing, especially in areas outside of the city. They also think that offices and stores will start to do better as businesses get back to normal. The Philippines has a good location and prices, so more people will want to invest in its real estate market.


1. Is it a good time to invest in Philippine real estate during the pandemic?

The Philippine real estate market is still doing okay during the pandemic. The market for houses is stable, and there are opportunities for investment. However, it’s important to do research and talk to experts before making any decisions.

2. How has technology contributed to the survival of the real estate market during the pandemic?

Technology helped the real estate market during the pandemic. People used the internet to see properties and do transactions online. This made it possible for sellers to show properties to more people and sell houses and buildings without meeting in person.

3. What are the emerging trends in the Philippine real estate market post-pandemic?

After the pandemic, more people want houses outside of the city. They also want houses with good spaces to work from home and better amenities for their health. The market for offices and stores will also start to recover as businesses get back to normal.


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Disclaimer: The provided references are for informational purposes only. Please consult professional advice and conduct thorough research before making any financial decisions.