Understanding Philippines Real Estate Laws

Navigating Real Estate Investing in the Philippines


Investing in real estate can be a great way to make money in the Philippines. But, it can be tricky to understand all the rules and regulations for buying and selling property there. It’s important to know how things work before you start.

Property Ownership Laws

In the Philippines, people who aren’t from there are not allowed to own land. But they can own condos and buildings on land that is rented. Some non-Filipinos work with local partners to buy land or own at least 60% of the shares of a Filipino-owned corporation in order to buy land.

Regulatory Requirements

Before investing in real estate in the Philippines, it’s important to know the rules set by government agencies. There are specific rules about how land can be used and how and when taxes need to be paid. It’s important to follow these rules to avoid getting in trouble.

Land Titles and Deeds

When you buy a piece of land in the Philippines, you get a title that shows you own it. There is a system that makes sure the title is real. But, it’s still a good idea to hire a lawyer to help make sure everything is okay before you buy.

Foreign Investment Incentives

The Philippine government offers good things to foreign investors to make them want to invest there. Things like tax breaks and other nice offers are there to make it easier to invest in real estate.


Investing in real estate in the Philippines can be a good idea, but it’s important to be careful and know the rules. By following the rules, you can make good decisions and stay out of trouble.


Q: Can foreign people own land in the Philippines?

A: No, people from other countries cannot own land in the Philippines, but they can own condos and buildings on rented land.

Q: What taxes do I have to pay when buying or selling property in the Philippines?

A: There are different taxes like stamp tax, transfer tax, and capital gains tax that need to be paid when buying or selling property. It’s important to understand and follow these rules to avoid problems.

Q: How can foreign investors take advantage of the incentives for investing in the Philippines?

A: The government offers tax breaks and other good things for foreign investors to make it easier for them to invest in real estate in the Philippines.


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